Dark Season 3: What’s The Netflix Release Date And Cast Updates

One of the best science fiction series on Netflix, Dark is soon going to come up with it’s last and final season. In very less time, Dark had managed to grab the limelight among all top superhits of the broadcaster. It represents the first German Original series airing on Netflix.

It is a German thriller web series, created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. The story follows the aftermath of a child’s disappearance that discloses the hidden secrets, shattered relationships and connections among four estranged families as they unravel a sinister time travel crime that spans over three generations.

There are no official statements released by Netflix about the release date of Season 3. The first season was released on 1st December 2017 and the second season aired on 21st June 2019. Though the previous release schedules don’t specify a particular pattern, based on certain reports, it is being assumed that the third installment shall land on 27th June 2020.

Although, due to the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic, many release schedules have been canceled or delayed for some time. But if the filming and post-production procedures are wrapped up, then it would be released according to the release date. 27th June is not confirmed yet; it is just an assumption.

In case of the cast, Louis Hoffman as Jonas, Jordis Triebel as Katharina, Lisa Viscardi as Martha, Mark Waschke as Noah, Andreas Pietschmann as Adult Jonas, Lea Van Acken as future Silja had been confirmed for the final season. Other characters can also be a part of the third season if different timelines are shown.

No trailers have been out yet on Netflix. But if the season is getting released in June then the trailer will be out within the next two months. Though it is quite disheartening for the fans that it would be the last season, at the same time they are waiting eagerly to know what is coming up in the upcoming episodes. To know more, stay tuned!

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