With iPhone 12 Being So Expensive, These Are The Places You Could Buy It Cheap

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With the advancement in Technology, hardly we would find anyone who doesn’t carry a smartphone in his or her pocket. But what if I ask about the iPhone 12ha? It’s a bit costly rightly? Well, I must say it’s not just a bit but very costly. So if you are also craving to buy iPhones but worried due to its high elevated price, then here we have some good details for you.

iPhone 11 is better than iPhone 12?

Hahaha! this is certainly a good mocking question as a normal person when he is asked to buy iPhone, then he thinks selling his kidneys to get and purchase the iPhones, so which iPhone is better i.e. whether iPhone 12 is better than or iPhone 11 or whatever be the fact, get involved in buying your favorite product as soon as possible as good offers don’t remain for long hours.

iPhone 12 Price?

According to my, I feel both of them have received good reviews. iPhone 11 had its popularity and the iPhone 12 has its own. If comparisons will be made between both the iPhones based on their prices, then one thing is sure, iPhone 11 will be better as iPhone 11 is somewhere Rs 45,999 at Amazon stores while iPhone 12 is touching sky by the price of Rs 1,29,000.What you need to know about Apple's iPhone 12 and 12 Pro | Engadget

Here we have searched some of the best places from where you could buy iPhones at a cheaper cost

1. Homepod: Talking about Homepod, Homepod is taking Rs 66 as equal to $1 in India, so if you are craving to buy an iPhone this season, you should go through Homepod to quench your satisfaction.

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2. Amazon Stores: Well, during the festive season, Amazon has offered great prices for Amazon and Apple users to buy Apple products from Amazon. So as this is the festive season, then, you can get the iPhones at relatively fewer costs than the real price of iPhones.

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