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Doctors Researching On, Is COVID Triggering Diabetes!

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Since the time pandemic has broken out worldwide, hardly anything is happening good now. We all know since the time this pandemic has approached our life, our life has been turned to a miserable one. And now with the advancement in time and technology, many new factors are getting disclosed about the novel coronavirus. So let’s see the latest news associated with the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Corona Virus Triggering Diabetes Level!

Yes, this news serves to be the fact according to many top-class types of research and Scientists. According to the great work and studies it’s being proven that Coronavirus can trigger the new disease in the normal person mainly in terms of diabetes.

According to the United States Of America, more than 40% of people who lost their life due to Covid 19 have been the patient of diabetes and in those, there is even good percentage of people who never had problems of blood sugar, but after being trapped into the tentacles of Covid 19, they have emerged through the blood sugar diabetes.Scientists identify a trigger for type 1 diabetes in mice

Which instances proved this triggering effect of Covid 19?

According to the 28 aged American men, who never had sugar diabetes suddenly fall sick in June 2020. While diagnosis he was declared to be Covid 19 positive but the strange thing happened when he got cured of Covid 19 but still felt highly weak.

Then suddenly one day he fell in his home and when diagnosed he was having very high blood sugar diabetes that would let even him causing death. But thanks to doctors who took the command over that dangerous situation.

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Dr. Francesco Rubino communicated that while the period of Covid 19 he was tracking the strange cases in which he was extremely stunned when he got to know that Covid virus has great capabilities of dividing the virus of disease in the body of a normal human.

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