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Facebook To Merge Instagram DMs With Messenger

Instagram DMs And Messenger
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We all are aware of Instagram’s Direct Messaging feature which helps us to start a quick conversation in-app. Today Facebook has decided to make a huge change for the app. Mark Zuckerberg’s idea of merging Facebook Messenger and Instagram’s DM is all set to happen.

Facebook To Merge Instagram DM With Messenger

On Wednesday Facebook Inc. told they will start replacing the 7-Years-Old Direct Messaging feature of Instagram with a version of the Messenger app, which means users on Instagram can send and receive photos, videos and also can send messages and do video calls on Facebook Messenger and Vise Versa without downloading both the apps.

It will also introduce features like themes and custom emojis which was available on Messenger but previously was not in Instagram’ DM, along with a new feature which is disappearing messages.

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What Features Can Be Seen After The Update?

After the new update, the messaging icon of Instagram will change to the Facebook Messenger icon. And like Messenger people will able to forward the message to a maximum of five peoples at a time.

Facebook Messenger chief Stan Chudnovsky said, “The actual motive of this is to get the point where we build something and then it works automatically, so we don’t have to repeat it many times.”

Instagram will add many big features of Facebook Messenger with this update which includes reactions, chat colors, and many more.

Facebook is going to bringing some new features with this update which could be selfie stickers that can be used as reactions in Messenger and act like Instagram’s Boomerang feature. The “Watch Together” feature also now works with IGTV.

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Ultimately, after this new update of merging Instagram DM with messenger users will not have to download the Messenger app, which was done earlier. Instagram will be enough to access Facebook Messenger. It’s not compulsory for users to update the app, users who are not interested can just skip the update with not now option.

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