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Why PUBG Unban In India Is Taking Too Long, When To Expect It Back

PUBG Mobile Unban
Source: The Indian Express

The government of India currently banned 118 Chinese apps. The government says that the data collected and shared by these apps could pose a threat to users as well as national security. The 118 apps that were banned also included PUBG and many popular apps.

While one group was happy with the Modi government’s decision, another class was unhappy. PUBGMobile and PUBG Mobile Lite games have been banned across the country. The reason for the ban is that PUBG is affiliated with Tencent Games, a subsidiary of Tencent Holdings, one of the largest multinational companies in neighboring China.

Chinese giant Tencent was given the right to make a mobile adaptation of PUBG and announced plans to acquire a 1.5% stake in Bluehole in 2017 and acquire a gaming studio in full. Tencent is one of the largest shareholders in Bluehole to date and has been banned by the government because of its direct relationship with China.

Tencent lost 34 billion in market value just one day after the ban on 118 Chinese apps in India. The PUBG corporation said in its statement that the PUBG corporation understands and respects all the measures taken by the government. Because the privacy and security of player data is the company’s top priority.

PUBG is a product of the original South Korean company Blue Hole Studios. Following the ban, the company withdrew the PUBG Mobile franchise from the Chinese company Tencent.

According to sources, after breaking the franchise with Tencent, PUBG is exploring an Indian partnership to form a partnership in the country. And it is taking time to find a particular company. So, it seems that PUBG will be back but it will take some more time.

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