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Bird Box Release Date Confirmed At Netflix! May Experience Horror Soon

The people have expressed, Post-apocalyptic dramas are still a rising trend. Beyond the successful ‘ The Walking Dead ‘, which has been keeping audiences in suspense for nine seasons with the zombie invasion, there is a whole world dedicated to mysterious hordes that invade Earth and in which only a few survive.

‘Bird Box’, ‘A ciegas’ in Spanish, is a sample of this theory. The Netflix original movie starring Sandra Bullock has sparked madness among the platform’s users. What’s more, when it had only been available for 7 days, it already set a record: being the most played movie in the history of the streaming service.

More than 45 million Netflix users decided to play this story in which a woman with her two children embarks on an adventure, literally blind, as they flee with a blindfold, from a mysterious monster that it is causing the population to commit suicide by looking at it.

The anxiety suffered by the protagonist has been shared ad nauseam on social networks, even creating the first challenge of this 2019. ‘ Bird Box Challenge ‘ consists of blindfolding herself and walking down the street Bird Box.

Netflix says over 45 million accounts watched Bird Box — here's what that  means - The Verge

Obviously, accidents of all kinds have already occurred, and even Netflix has had to ask for a bit of a head given the dangers posed by this challenge.

It is logical to think then that after this outburst of euphoria around the thriller directed by Susanne Bier, the users of the platform have been left wanting more. A second part, a sequel, a prequel – anything goes as long as you relive the adventure starring Bullock. This would not be such a crazy idea, because after all, other great Netflix hits have already confirmed a second part.

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Although at the moment there is no confirmation from Netflix, a ‘Bird Box’ 2 could take place when we least expect it.

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