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Are Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Dating After A Long Break?

Here’s the complete dating timeline of the well-known couple, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott.

Rumours About The Hot Couple: Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

These days the hot and chilling couple is trending on every social site regarding their love life. So let’s see what is the actual story behind all the flipping Rumours.

With lots of turns and flicks, we have seen the secret pregnancy news of Kylie, the collection of plenty of gifts, and many things. It’s still not believable that the couple is not together.

The True News Regarding The Couple: Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

It’s true, just before few days of the couple getting surrounded by many rumors, the couple has communicated that they have been separated for some personal issues. This is the only truth of all the rumors that are being spread like fire all over the search engines.

The Beautiful Memories Of Couple: Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

Getting back to the previous days, when the couple gave birth to the newborn baby, how happy they were. We have witnessed the lovely days of the couple spent together.

Especially the most versatile one was the birthday post that was written on behalf of his daughter. In Kylie’s Instagram handle, the photos of her daughter and Travis have completed occupied their space and it seems like Kylie is in love with the amazing memories of her love.

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Was The Couple Dating Each Other?

Earlier when they were about to start their relationship, they have been to many dates. But as of now, it’s an unknown fact that whether the couple is planning for getting reunited or not.

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We have seen that the couple seems to quarantine together because of their baby. Also, according to Kylie, she still wants to have more children and that is only possible by Travis. A few days ago, Kylie Jenner’s nephew has been gone live, where one of the fans asked him about the ongoing rumors about the couple, for which the latter replied, ” Kylie and Travis are not Together”.

These lines depict that there are still some issues between the couple. Well, to all this matter, I would say just a thing, whatever be the matter, it’s a beautiful life and both of them need to adjust each other shortcomings. Well, we soon expect the couple to get reunited and cherish their happy life together.

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