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You Season 3, Release Date Announced By Makers, Cast List

Netflix has officially confirmed that we will have a third season of ‘You’.

Netflix has chosen social networks, to give the news. Yesterday he posted on his Instagram account a concise video where you could read: ” New Year, New You, “making it clear that the third season is more than confirmed. However, it will not be released until 2021.

What will the third season of ‘You’ be about?

Penn Badgley, who plays Joe Goldberg, has wanted to advance some detail of the plot of this new season. If you have not finished the second installment, do not continue reading, there is SPOILER.

All of us who have already finished the series have seen that Joe has come up with a good rival, and yes, his better half, why to fool us. As Badgley told the portal TVLine, Love and the ” nor are kindred spirits. He at the end and fears. Basically, it is made so that in the third season are archenemies”. The storm is coming, especially because we will also see scenes of jealousy, although this time not from Joe, but from his new partner. The end of the season showed us the protagonist looking with a lewd face at his neighbor.

This new trio will center the story in the third season. But no less important is going to be that Joe will have to face fatherhood If there is one thing that can change a person, this is parenthood. But I don’t understand if Joe can or should change. I truly don’t know if he will change,” continued Badgley. Given that the investigation of Forty Quinn (James Scully) has ended with a gunshot, we are left to know if someone will handle Candance’s death.

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