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Ozark Season 4, What Are The Netflix Renewal Plans For The Show

Netflix‘s “Ozark” has grown in popularity and success from season to season, and the hype literally exploded with the release of the third season in April – in line with the Corona shutdown. The series is currently in the running for 18 Emmys, twice as many as the second season, including three times in the script, twice in the directing and three times in the acting categories and of course as “Best Drama Series”.

Ozark Season 4: What’s The Release Date?

But Netflix will not pull “Ozark” beyond what is necessary, despite its success. The fourth season ordered will be the last. Actor Jason Bateman, recently revealed in an interview with Indiewire that the shooting of season 4 will take place on November 9th will begin in Atlanta, Georgia, of course with the strictest safety precautions.

What Producer Said Regarding Ozark Season 4 Production?

“As always, I was supposed to be directing the first two episodes, but as we went through the logs, guidelines, all the COVID complications, the producer in me thought that it would be just irresponsible to direct any of the actors on the first two episodes because our area should remain safe. If one of the actors gets sick, we all have to go home for weeks. If any of the crew members get sick, I’ll make sure their wages are protected while they’re in quarantine, but we can hire a replacement. So it seemed unwise to me to direct the first two episodes.”

As an actor, you just sit in your trailer until you call you to the set, then you go out, say your lines and go back to the trailer. As a director you are out there all the time, in pre-production, with location scouts, in production meetings, there are so many ways to get infected. And of course, the virus is raging in Atlanta right now.

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