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My Hero Academia Season 5, How Long Is The Wait To Stream!

The fifth season of My Hero Academia has already been officially confirmed, but there is no release date yet. Here is when season 5 of My Hero Academia could start.

First lets recap what My Hero Academia is all about!

“My Hero Academia” is a Japanese animated series, inspired by the manga of the same name and is written by Yosuke Kuroda. The series debuted in 2016, and its final Season 4 episode aired on April 6, 2020. “My Hero Academia” is about a world in which a large part of the world’s population is born with supernatural abilities, the so-called “specialties”, and superheroes maintain public order. Izuku is one of the few children without a specialty but has got it into his head that one day he will become a hero. So the reigning “Light of Hope”, All Might, takes him under his wing to make him a seasoned savior!

What one can expect from My Hero Academia Season 5?

In the new episodes, fans can look forward to the implementation of the Joint Training Arc, in which classes 1-A and 1-B compete against each other in a series of several team games. In addition to the familiar faces of the two competing classes, Hitoshi Shinso from the general faculty will also take part in this combat training to show his potential for the hero course. There will also be another revelation about Izuku and his special One For All ability.

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When will My Hero Academia Season 5 be released? 

As we all know, the release of season 5 was communicated in April 2020 and was even announced at the end of season 4. This confirmation of My Hero Academia’s Season 5 through Twitter sparked the joy of the fans. However, the COVID-19 pandemic had delayed the release of the series. We can reasonably expect the broadcast to take place in mid-2021. But no official date has been announced for this.

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