365 Days’ Cast Michele Morrone On Sequel Of The Show Himself

365 Days 2
Source: CinemaBlend

The protagonist of the Netflix movie ensures that there will be a new installment of the erotic Netflix movie. While we know more details, we will tell you everything we know.

365 Days is among the most talked-about movie of streaming giant Netflix in recent days. Whatever the reasons are but, ‘365 days’ has been placed among the most viewed content of the platform.

“365 DNI”, the Polish film released this 2020, has been as controversial as it is successful. The film is based on the book of the same name written by Blanka Lipinska and follows an executive named Laura (played by Anna Maria Sieklucka), who is going through a difficult time with her current partner. The woman is kidnapped by a powerful mafia boss, Massimo (Michele Morron), who asks her to fall in love with him within a year.

Crowned as the new ‘5th Shades of Gray’, we were amazed by its message. And now, there will be the second part of ‘365 days’, as confirmed by Michele Morrone, its protagonist.

Despite its plot, one of the keys to success, as we already mentioned, is precisely in the actor, but is it enough to justify that ‘365 days’ is a triumph? If we look at the comments circulating by people on social networks, it seems true.

Fans of ‘365 days’, who have them and many, are now wondering about part 2 and will be jumping to know that they will have it.

‘365 days’ is a saga with three books, so there would be material to work with. It seems that Massimo will have a lot of work on that part 2.

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