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My Hero Academia Season 5 Release Date And Plot Details

New details emerge from the fifth season of My Hero Academia Anime

Although the fourth season of My Hero Academia Anime has arrived this year, fans are looking forward to the fifth season. Although we don’t have a trailer or poster yet, despite COVID-19, the production team is working hard.

The first details of the production emerged for the sound director, Masafumi Mima, and this time the composer of the series Yuki Hayashi shared an image, where we can see a band ready to record the soundtrack of the new season of the anime. Yuki Hayashi stated this achievement on Instagram as under.

“Today we were recording the soundtrack for the 5th season of My Hero Academia! Thank you to all of our amazing musicians! ”

mha-movie-desktop-wallpaper-withoutlogo | Cat with Monocle

Assuming that Season 5 would be the Mega equivalent of My Hero Academia approaching, we can hypothesize that Season 5 will recover during the combined training arc. During this section of the story, Midoriya and the rest of the class team up with 1-A, 1-B to level up a bit more and acknowledge their abilities. Season 5 may also include the Meta Liberation Army Arc, which may incorporate Tomura Shigaraki’s backstory, as well as new moves made by his crew, The League of Villains.

Let’s hope that the You Say Run version of the fifth season is more exciting and not as calm as the one we heard in the fourth. At the moment there is no date to see Midoriya and the rest of 1-A. On the other hand, with the arrival of Fiction in Mexico, we can see a dubbing of this anime in the future.

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So far everything we know at the moment about the My Hero Academia Anime, We will update this article as new details become known so if you want to stay up to date on the news of one of the most anticipated TV shows, stay tuned to thetrends24.