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One Punch Man Season 3, Release Date Expectations For Netflix Release

The season 2 of One punch man ended in early July, and we are certain of is that PMS is surely one of the most popular animated in new years.

The first season has aroused the curiosity of millions of people as much in Asia as in the West made it an essential animated from the first episodes.

This huge fan hype and the time within the first two seasons made people really look onward to this second season at the turn.

First of all his hero. Saitama and all the work that is One Punch Man is made in a way to discredit the classic Shonen, to break its codes. That is to say that usually when seeing a classic Shonen type anime, the hero always starts from zero and trains hard to reach his goal. The main purpose of all shonen turns around surpassing oneself and bravery.

In One-Punch ManSaitama is a real buffoon, he doesn’t know anything and he is already overpowered, no enemy ever resists him, he is the strongest actor in the whole series.

The second factor that makes One Punch Man a successful anime is its animation. The Madhouse studio which took much care of the first season and has once again proven what it is capable of, the only problem is that in the first and the second season, a change of studio took place, so the 4 years required for its journey.

If you saw the second season of One Punch Man, you will quickly guess where I am coming from and why this season has been a regret for many. The level of animation has dropped a lot.

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This frustration may also come from the fact that the story is much less centered on Saitama, and that it even turns fairly towards the new anti-hero of the series, Garou.

A less sustained presence of Saitama and see-saw animation, this is the main reason that made the second season of OPM a frustration for many fans. The question that remains is: “Will there be a season 3 of One Punch Man ?” ”

Well, all we know for now is that the sequel is obviously planned.

Yet, we have no exact date to declare when the next release of One Punch Man season 3 animated.

One Punch Man Season 3 is set to make a comeback in mid-2021 in the fall. As the delay caused by the COVID-19, we cross our fingers.

For further updates on ‘ One Punch Man Season 3 ‘ stay tuned and keep reading thetrends24.


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