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Javicia Leslie: Everything You Should Know About The New Batwoman

Ruby Rose as Kate Kane/Batwoman. Jack Rowand/The CW

The DC Comics television universe is expanding not only with new stories and expected ‘crossovers’, but also with new characters who take the witness to become the new idols of viewers. Well, if they hold out long enough to earn their love.

Ruby Rose, left her starring role in the ‘ Batwoman ‘ a few months ago, and we finally have a replacement: Javicia Leslie. But where did this young actress come from who will make history as the first African-American actress to play the character?

Leslie moved to the US from Germany when she was very young and began to make her way in theater and television a decade ago, with series like ‘MacGyver’, ‘Chef Julian’, ‘Prototype’ and ‘God Friended Me’. She also played in the movie ‘The Family Business’, based on the best-seller by Carl Weber, and with ‘Batwoman’ she makes her most important leap to media visibility.

Arrowverse's New Batwoman Actress: Who Is Javicia Leslie? - Auto Freak

“I am extremely proud to be the first black actress to play the iconic role of Batwoman on television, and as a bisexual woman I am honored to join this revolutionary series that has been a great pioneer for the LGBTQ + community,Leslie told The Hollywood Reporter.

The actress celebrated on Instagram saying: “For all the black girls who dream of being a superhero one day.  It is possible!”.

As we see, the actress is very open about the topics that touch her most closely as a bisexual black woman. In these months she has tirelessly supported the fight of the #BlackLivesMatter movement and defends the representation, visibility and diversity of LGBTQIA + characters on the big and small screen. In addition, the actress is vegan and takes great care of her diet and body.

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His body is also a fighting machine. Leslie has advanced training in Muay Thai or Thai boxing, martial art and extreme contact sport considered illegal in several countries and consisting of punches combined with virtually every limb in the body. Also, she has a deep understanding of other disciplines such as weapons, dance, athletics and swimming.

Of course, all that training will come from pearls for ‘Batwoman’. As the creators of the series have already advanced, her character will not be the same as that of her predecessor, who played Kate Kane, but a new woman in the Gotham universe: Ryan Wilder. They describe her as “the most dangerous type of fighter: very skilled and wildly undisciplined, an avowed, athletic, raw, passionate, infallible lesbian, and above all, not the prototypical American heroine.

Javicia Leslie cast as new Batwoman star to replace Ruby Rose

It seems that Javicia Leslie is a heroine both outside and now in fiction, and we will soon see her take the baton in a second season that promises to be revolutionary.

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