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Why Will TENET Not Get Release In China? Are Filmmakers Boycotting China Now?

In a world devoid of COVID-19, today – Friday, July 17 – the new film by Christopher Nolan would be hitting theaters, to the delight of all moviegoers who are interested in how the prolific director will play with our minds again. However, our reality is that of a pandemic, which has twice postponed the premiere of Tenet and which could now prevent the film from reaching China, even if this country has open theaters.

It happens that in China – although its authorities have already announced that some cinemas may reopen starting next week – a new barrier was imposed in the exhibition of films, based on the prevention of contagion. This barrier dictates that “to limit the time that the public spends inside an auditorium, all titles must last two hours or less “.

Tenet presumes a duration of two and a half hours, that is, thirty minutes more than stipulated by Chinese regulation.

Tenet (2020) - IMDb

The truth is that it has not been specified when the term of that extraordinary restriction would end, nor is there a definite release date for the upcoming film by Christopher Nolan in the Asian country.

On the other hand, it seems unlikely that Warner Bros. wants to launch Tenet to theaters in the world without certainties around the Chinese market. After all, the public of that nation has been very generous with the previous films of the British filmmaker. An example is that of the $ 668 MDD collected globally by Interstellar (2014), $ 122 million came from China.

In the face of such events and antecedents, will the expected spy tape be able to (and will) arrive in Chinese territory in mid-August, despite the fact that it involves projecting a shortened version? Or should we think of an intermediate for disinfecting the room? Sure Nolan shudders just thinking about it.

In Mexico, Tenet is scheduled to debut in theaters on August 14.

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