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The Blacklist Season 8 Release Date And Plot Expectations

Season 7 of “The Blacklist” has just started on Netflix and fans are wondering when season 8 will be available from streaming providers. Netzwelt shows how long you have to be patient before Red and Liz can continue.

With the release of season 7 of “The Blacklist”, Netflix gave fans a wonderful gift, as they waited in vain for a German TV broadcast of the current season. In fact, even season 6 never made it to German television and was initially released on DVD and Blu-ray, until the season surprisingly appeared on Netflix in early 2020. But when can you expect season 8 of “The Blacklist”?

There is no official date for the season 8 Netflix release yet. The reason for this is simple: Season 8 has not been shot yet. So you can only imagine that there are new episodes on Netflix or generally we are waiting. Most of “The Blacklist” season begins in the fall on American television, but the Corona crisis not only halted the shooting of Season 8, but Season 7 also had to end prematurely.

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The late appearance of “The Blacklist” season 8 seems inevitable. We are anticipating a release in January 2021, after all, season 6 began in January. Assuming that Season 8 again consists of 22 episodes, the season should have been fully displayed in June 2021, unless there was a pause in the broadcast. Publication on Netflix would thus be possible in summer 2021 if RTL Crime did not first secure broadcast rights.

As there are more precise dates, you will definitely find them on the Neitzvelt. If you want to keep the waiting time as short as possible, you can use the VPN service to watch new episodes directly after the US broadcast at broadcaster NBC’s Media Library, but unfortunately, you’ll have to be patient until then. Otherwise, you can find all the information about the sequel to “The Blacklist” on our Season 8 page.

For further updates on ‘ The Blacklist ‘ stay tuned and keep reading thetrends24.com“.


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