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365 Days Sequel Updates

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It was worth watching: the successful film “365 Days” will be continued. This has now been confirmed by one of the lead actors.

Success makes it possible: The erotic thriller “365 Days” will be continued. The Polish film, which first hit theaters locally and then worldwide on Netflix, is entering the next round. The first part was based on a novel, for which there are practically two sequels. Even though our writers were not so enthusiastic, they have fans all over the world.

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Leading actor Michelle Morrone, who plays the gangster Massimo in the film, declared in the Halahi service video that a sequel was being worked on. Tailor-made videos can be requested from the service, with which stars like Moron make money for good causes. In one video, the actor was asked if there would be a follow-up film for “365 Days” and he confirmed: “We’ll do a second part.” However, due to the COVID and the resulting strict hygiene regulations, filming will take some time to arrive.

People : They accuse 365 days (365 dni) of "feeding the culture of ...

Eventually, the film became famous mainly because the sex scenes between Moron and actress Anna-Maria Seclauka are so authentic. You can read about how this was possible here. So that both can come close again in the other part, everyone involved has to be patient. Thanks to the book, it is already clear what will happen about it.

The sequel to the author Blanca Lipinska’s novel, which was now a huge success in Poland under the name “365 DNI” and compares it with “Fifty Shades of Gray”, is all this. Not only this, Italian gangster Massimo has a twin brother who arrives in England. There is also a new criminal in the novel who tries to disrupt Laura and Massimo’s happiness by kidnapping Laura! Like with Massimo in the first part, Laura clearly doesn’t mind it and also develops feelings for the second gangster of her life in Sicily. The film will of course be released in theaters in Poland and reappear on Netflix worldwide.

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