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Bosch Season 7: When And Where To Watch It Out

Bosch Season 7 has already been confirmed by Amazon Prime Video

Want more Bosch after watching Binge in the most recent season? Some great news. Bosch season 7 is already confirmed. There is some bad news about this.

If there is anything we want you to know, it is more Bosch. Amazon’s longest-running original series heated up with its sixth season. Momentarily that’s the opportunity to look to the prospect. Is Bosch going to be season 7?

There is some good and bad news. We have already confirmed Bosch Season 7. This news preceded the release of the sixth season. In fact, before we even got the news for the trailer and release date in the most recent season. Amazon knows how much we love the show.

So, what is bad news? Amazon also wants to end the series. While we have a seventh season, Amazon confirmed that this is the final season.

Of course, a show like Bosch may not be over yet. There are some loose ends to tie. We need to see Harry Bosch out with some kind of bang. Not a real explosion. We just have to see him retire in peace or get some kind of publicity that takes him on the path of a new career.

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If you caught the news of a spin-off for the series, you will be disappointed. Amazon Prime Video released a video of Michael Coline starting the spin-off, but it turned out to be a fool’s prank in late April. It is a shame that it was not released on an actual day, as we all needed a good laugh on 1 April.

While it was a joke, it does not mean that it cannot be a spin-off. However, Amazon has several development dramas, including one featuring Jack Reacher. We have to deal with Harry Bosch for one final season.

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