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Pirates Of The Caribbean 6, Release Date And Official Cast Announcement

Will Jack Sparrow Return?

Who was going to tell us that one of Disney World’s attractions was going to be one of the highest-grossing films in history? It’s been 20 years since ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl’ was released and since then, the ‘Pirates’ saga has 4 more parts, all of them more or less fortunate at the box office, but all of which Coincidentally: They were all true heroes, Captain Jack Sparrow, brilliantly played by Johnny CP.

The last installment, ‘La Vanganza de Salazar’, which premiered in 2017 and, although it grossed nearly $ 800 million, was not the success that Disney had hoped for, so with a reboot-sequel of sorts, We have decided to restart the saga, which will be ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’, which we will tell you below.

The script for the sixth episode of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ is still being prepared, so apparently the release date is yet to be confirmed. But, keeping in mind the other episodes of the saga, and the time it takes to complete its filming, we can assume that ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’ will not arrive before 2023.

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It is not yet clear what the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’ will be about, but it will be necessary to return to the previous installment to try to figure out. ‘Salazar’s Revenge’ culminates with a sleepy post-credits scene of Will and Elizabeth Turner, and the shadow of Davy Jones scares him, so he is probably the villain the two have to defeat in the sixth episode.

We also met his son in the fifth episode, Henry Turner played by Brenton Thwaites, so it is to be hoped that we will see him again. It is indefinite whether Jack Sparrow will return. The most widespread is that we will meet Red, one of the pirates of mythological charm, who was sold as a slave and became a full-fledged pirate.

In this sixth episode, Kaya Scodelario will almost certainly make a comeback, as she stated that she was contracted for shooting another episode; Brenton Thwaites as Henry Turner; Orlando Bloom also stated that he would reprise his role as Will Turner in the next episode, And we’ll almost certainly see Geoffrey Rush and his Barbossa once again.

Johnny Depp is a mystery right now. But rumors about new characters don’t stop. Karen Gillan, for example, is the name that seems most likely to play Red, while Zac Efron is named for playing a young Jack Sparrow, or Emma Watson.

There is still no confirmed director and We do not yet have a poster, photographs, or even the trailer of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’.

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