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Kylie Jenner born on August 10, 1997, is an American media character. She has featured in the E! unscripted tv series Keeping Up with the Kardashians since 2007 and is the owner of cosmetic organization Kylie Cosmetics.

Kardashian-Jenner was not really out of secondary school when she propelled her own venture. Jenner, who had recently cooperated with her sister, Kendall, for a garments line, among other various attempts.

Youngest Self-Made Billionaire

According to Forbes magazine, Kylie net worth is valued at US$1 billion, making her world’s youngest billionaire at age 21 in 2019

For the second year straight, Kylie Jenner has clutched her crown as the most youthful, independent, very rich person. Forbes declared the news, explaining that her title came ‘despite a great deal of help from her family’ as she had ‘made’ her $1.2 billion Kylie Cosmetics brand – as opposed to having acquired it.

She left a mark on the world when the news was reported a year ago, beating the record holder Mark Zuckerberg for the title. The Facebook owner was 23 when he became a billionaire.

You will be shocked to see Kylie Jenner without makeup! She's ...

How She Made this Possible

As indicated by Forbes, Jenner’s magnificence line Kylie Cosmetics made an expected $360 million out of 2018 alone, helped partially by a smart association with Ulta towards the year’s end, which saw her make $55 million in only a month and a half. She additionally worked together with extravagance plan house Balmain on an assortment, which incorporated an eyeshadow palette and lip items.

It’s been accounted for that the excellence magnate has documented a few new trademarks, possibly for brand projects.

To praise her extremely rich person status and the money that continues coming in, she propelled a birthday make-up collection for Kylie Cosmetics that spun around a money subject.


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